What is 4eez®?

  • A special product developed by IBR
  • A range of custom made additives delivered as powders for the clay brick industry
  • A product used to influence the rheology of the clay mass and the firing temperature


Why 4eez®?

Energy:  Fuel and electricity savings

Efficiency:  Higher plant throughput

Emissions:  HF abatement

Environment:  Lower CO2 emissions


How 4eez® is used?

  • Added as a powder to the clay mass
  • Can be used as a slurry (special precautions to be taken)

What are the advantages of using 4eez®?

Lower water demand of the mass clay by up to 20%

Significant reduction of the firing temperature (up to 80°C)

HF abatement by at least 50%


Results laboratory tests:

Results tests in different plants:

Dosage: 0.3%

Lower water demand: 10-15%

Reduction firing temperature: 50-100°C