The experts of IBR have been working in several sectors of the building material industry and, hence, are experienced in the field of the product development as well as its implementation in production facilities (for example in the concrete, ceramic brick and calcium silicate brick industries). Furthermore, over the years the experts gained in depth knowledge on materials science, the production processes and all kinds of aspects related to the introduction of new materials on the building market. Due to the close contacts IBR employees have with several building industries, in many cases we can not only perform the R&D work but also can link our customers to potentially interested industries.

IBR developed solutions for several types of waste materials, such as

  • mineral sludges
  • several types of building debris
  • incinerator slags
  • waste from the oil and gas production
  • all kinds of organic containing aggregates
  • substrates from the green houses

Public reports (only available in Dutch

IBR is also a provider of innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of the brick manufacturing process and developed the product 4eez