IBR: Innovative with Building materials and Recycling


IBR is specialized in developing pragmatic solutions for all kinds of industrial wastes and by-products. In many cases the solutions are in the form of building materials for housing or infra structural applications. IBR is also specialised in the field of natural occurring radioactive materials (NORM) in processes and products.


We can offer to develop solutions for all kinds of industrial waste materials and by-products ranging from some thousand up to hundreds of thousand ton per annum. By our pragmatic step by step approach, we can screen all relevant opportunities and are able to identify interesting opportunities within a limited number of steps.


IBR can produce and test almost all kinds of mineral building materials in their application Laboratories. The laboratory consist of a range of specific equipment amongst which an high temperature kiln (up to 1700°C), an autoclave (up to 20 bar), a pelletizer and an extruder.